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DISTLDxSeagate Hard Drive Giveaway

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and found all of your data had been erased with no method for recovery? Most of us would be devastated. For that reason, DISTLD Media is teaming up with Seagate to help promote World Backup Day on March 31st, 2017.

Data loss is more common than you might think. In fact, every year, more than 60 million computers fail worldwide; every month, one in ten computers is infected with a virus; and every minute, 113 phones are lost or stolen.

With data loss being such a common occurrence, we think it is a shame that 29% of individuals who use a computer have NEVER backed up their data, and that only 10% of computer users back up their data daily.

Seagate has made smart data backup their business, and in honor of World Backup Day, they asked us to give out one free 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim – their thinnest portable drive.

To enter yourself in the drawing, follow @DISTLD on twitter, and retweet our giveaway post with #distldxseagate.

For those of you who don’t win this stellar prize, they provided the following tips for effective backups:

Tip 1: Be Prepared

You spill, you drop, you forget. Phones break and devices are stolen. Though you may not always think about it, it’s important in your digital life as much as in your physical life to keep an eye out for potential vulnerabilities. That’s why you should create a plan to regularly back up not only data stored on your computer and phone, but also from your social media networks. 

Tip 2: Be Organized

World Backup Day is a great time to do some digital spring cleaning and get rid of any content that you no longer need. While you’re at it, make sure to organize your remaining files into folders with names and categories you can easily search for and remember. Once you’ve done that, get a head start on maintaining your cleaned up and well organized content by scheduling recurring backups, keeping your data secure all year round.

Tip 3: Think Capacity

Take stock of your data. Do you have mostly text files and a handful of photos or do you have thousands of photos and dozens of videos, too? Knowing if you have a lot or a little data to backup will help you choose the right drive for the job. Think big if you have tons of multimedia content. For example, a drive like the Seagate Backup Plus Hub with up to 8TB of capacity could be a good fit for a home movie fan. If you’ve got a smaller amount to store, a mobile drive with 1-2TB of storage would likely be sufficient.

Tip 4: Ensure Easy Access

Our lives grow busier by the day. Whether you’re a student shuffling from class to class, a 9-5 professional or simply always on-the-go, make sure you have a mobile device you can take with you no matter where you are. And think about what kind of access is right for you – for instance, you can keep your homework accessible on a Seagate portable drive, but store your old photos on the cloud or another backup drive to make room for the stuff you really need every day.

Good luck to all, and remember to backup on March 31st!