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Awesome Items and Brands We Found This Year

With the  constant barrage of new items and companies marketing “new and improved” products for your home, we thought we’d help you sift through them. That's why we've created this list of the awesome brands we've found this year. These items are sure to go great in any home, so get ready to spruce up your home and life with these amazing products/brands!

For the Kitchen:


The Kitchen Aid KCM0801OB Pour Over Coffee Maker - KitchenAid's Pour Over Coffee Brewer is built to heat the water to a specific temperature and steep in the same manner as the manual pour over process, allowing the grounds to 'bloom'. The result: up to 8 cups of deliciously flavored coffee minus any dilution caused by over-soaking. With everything you need to set up a great brewing system it's equally perfect for those early mornings and late nights when you want that piping hot cup to keep you going.

The good-looking Pour Over Coffee maker is artistically crafted and this coffeemaker is not one to hide under the counter. Elevate your counter space for next-level design and beverage With ease of performance, usability, and most importantly the perfect cup(s) of coffee.

The Kitchen Aid Pro Line Blender - KitchenAid is the top dog that will cover you for the many kitchen necessities. KitchenAid is a brand you can rely on, the Pro Line Blender is perfect for every countertop being one of the most power blenders known to man. Well engineered with a powerful electric motor with a rated output of 3.5 peak horsepower you can rely on this blender as your helping hand in the kitchen, with quick and easy blend functions that will let quickly blend all your healthy favorites to the perfect blended delight. Whether it be a shake or smoothie, Kitchen Aid has got you covered, all while adding a modern touch to your kitchen!


Edge of Belgravia Galatine and Black Diamond Knife Block - The Black Diamond Knife Block by Edge of Belgravia is art for your kitchen. The modern architectural style of this knife block is elegant and houses up to 11 knives. The Arondight essential 7 piece set includes razor sharp silver stainless steel knives, that are the perfect companions for dicing, slicing, chopping and cutting. With this addition to the kitchen, you'll be excited to chef it up at any opportunity given!

For cutting any food, from vegetables to meats, this is the perfect knife set. With sharp edges and a beautifully crafted handle, this is a knife set you won’t want to throw under the counter or in a drawer. Be prepared for inspired cooking with the Edge of Belgravia Arondight collection.

The Kitchen Aid  KCG0799SX Digital Scale Jar Burr Grinder Accessory - Never again will you spill the beans when going  for your perfect brew while using this simple digital kitchen scale. This brushed stainless steel appliance is attractive if it stays out on the kitchen counter. Precisely measure up to 140 g which is sufficient for most ingredients and cook with measurements every single time.

For Storage and Travel:


The Carry-On by Away - The Carry-On by Away is a resilient piece of luggage that I’m thrilled to use take on every voyage. Packed with many compelling features, Away presents us with a sophisticated and compact four-wheel bag offering a scratch resistant surface, 360-degree Hinomoto double-wheel spinners, two USB ports offering 10,000 mAh of charging power (enough to charge your phone multiple times), a built in compression pad to free up more space, YKK zippers, and TSA approved lock. All these features and it still doesn't feel bulky! With its indestructible interiors there’s no stopping your jet-setting self. The perfect luggage for convenient travelling!

Rapid X the X5 - The best charger for large families and carpoolers! Excellent for roadtrips and long commutes. RapidX Keep your devices powered up and ready to go with the X5 Car Charger containing 5 USB Ports and a 2-2.4A output. With a sleek exterior and a powerful charge, this charger is the perfect add to your vehicle.

The Cycloc Suite of Products:

Cycloc SoloOffers a simple and sturdy way stow and display your bicycle with unique charm and style. Mount your bike to the wall and create some extra floor space while utilizing this stylish and well designed bike storage solution for homes, apartments, or offices.


Cycloc Hero — Perfect for apartments and small homes that need to maximize space efficiency, the hero is one of the kind and makes storage solutions easy.

Cycloc Endo — Store your bike in style with Cycloc Endo for chic vertical storage in any space. When you’re done, fold it flat for easy to access, easy to store bike displays. Cycloc Endo has won numerous awards and has gained international recognition for making bike storage an easy task.

For Your Skin & Body:

Essential Oxygen - Teeth Whitening Package - For a brilliant smile, look to Essential Oxygen’s organic brushing rinse. Pair toothpaste and mouthwash in one product and you can feel the cleansing take over your mouth. Gargle away bad oral bacteria with just a few swishes, Essential Oxygen should be a part of everyone’s morning routine.


Beard King Beard Bib - Tired of messy sinks after shaving? Tired of having to wipe down the counter after a daily shaving routine? Then you need the Beard Bib. It’s literally the best  solution to any beard trimming problems. Now you can trim without fearing the cleanup. It’s also super easy to use! With Beard Bib, your girl will stop complaining about a sink full of facial hair and you’ll be rewarded like a KING!

Dr. Bronner Soaps/Shampoos - Dr. Bronner, a brand that offers a line of soaps, lotions and more all using organic and fair-trade ingredients. These products are simply amazing as they are made with of plant oils and natural ingredients. The best part of this brand is how their products have multiple uses! This is definite need product for any household.


For Your Pets:


Pet Safe Automatic Ball Launcher - This ball launcher can be adjusted for distance thrown and for trajectory. This cool gizmo releases can be used for both indoor and outdoor play, without ruining your yard or furniture. After minimal training to teach your dog to drop into the big open basket and they'll be self-entertained for hours as the device launches the ball forward! Enjoy watching your dog run and jump in excitement while you can sit back and admire their joy.

HuggleHounds Flatties - We get it, most dog toys just don't hold up for your dog when he/she likes to get rough! I know how annoying it is to have all sorts of toys for your dog to match their moods. But with the flatties, you get the best of both worlds. Their amazing cute and cuddly looks give you the effect of a plush toy for your dog but since they are flat with no stuffing the dog can't make your home a mess!

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