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Common Projects Achilles Low Summer Edition

Common Projects (CPs) founders Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat helped usher in an era of fashion minimalism. The Italian made shoes have increased the cultural appreciation for minimalist sneakers that let quality speak for themselves.

The Original Common Project Achilles were released in 2004. Like all CPs, these sneakers were made from some of the best materials and had a great minimalist design. The only feature that identified the shoes as CPs was their iconic gold stamped logo, which is still a pleasantly minimalist contrast to today’s logo obsessed trends.

Like the Originals, the Achilles Low Summer Edition are constructed in Marche, Italy, an area that is well known for constructing the best shoes in the world. Additionally, all the materials are sourced in Italy just as in the Originals. The Achilles Low Summer Editions, however, were built for the summer. Instead of leather, the upper is comprised from a soft, perforated suede. The suede is sewn into durable canvas instead of leather. The canvas is a more breathable fabric in contrast to leather. The rest of the shoe, however is the same as the Achilles Original, and still has the leather lining, insole, and the vulcanized rubber outsole. Most importantly, it has its iconic gold stamped code.

By choosing to substitute breathable canvas into the upper, the designers have doubled down on their “summer” theme, and made an incredibly comfortable shoe. One of the great aspect of this construction is that you do not have to break in the shoes at all because inner upper is made of a breathable and flexible canvas. In fact, the Low Summer Edition is significantly more comfortable from the first wear than the Originals.

In terms of size, the shoe runs “true to size,” and the craftsmanship on this shoe is clearly fantastic. After rigorous scanning, there are no faults or design issues from the shoe. Most of the online stores have already run out of traditional sizes, so the remaining stock is on sale. The shoes were retailing at around $480, but retails on sale at around $269+, so if you have a unique shoe size, do not hesitate to buy these shoes!

By Lawrence Gatchalian

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