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Novesta Star Master 99 -- The Best Budget Canvas Sneaker

                                              The Novesta Star Master 99

                                              The Novesta Star Master 99

Novesta currently makes one of the best canvas sneakers available on the market. Its heritage, price, quality materials, construction process, and comfort level make the Novesta Star Master 99 a great purchase for anyone looking for a better alternative to Converse.

Novesta has a long history of making quality footwear. They have been making shoes in in Slovakia since 1939, when the founder, Jan Antonin Bata, opened a new factory in the small town of Partizánske. 

The Novesta Star Master 99 retails at about fifty dollars depending on the site and retailer – making it comparable in price point to the similar looking Converse All-Star Sneakers. Do not let the low price fool you, however. Novesta’s are different because they are made only of quality material.

The shoes are constructed of only natural rubber, linen, and cotton, and each shoe is almost entirely hand-made. The only machine used in the construction process is a machine that presses the rubber sole into the rest of the shoe at the end. The quality materials and construction make these an incredibly comfortable shoe.


One of the best aspect of the Star Master’s is the thick insole that comes with the shoes. The insoles make these one of the comfiest canvas sneakers I have ever worn. The sizing is accurately described as “true to size.” However, those who have wide feet should consider sizing up one size depending on their preferences.

Overall, these shoes give the impression that they are more durable than competing canvas sneakers of the same price point (Converse, Van, Superga, Tretorn, etc.), but one should keep in mind, that these shoes are not perfect. The rubber overlaps the cotton in several areas, and parts of the rubber ridges on the out sole are not well defined. Considering the price point, however the materials, shoe construction process, and comfort level, Novesta’s are one of the best budget canvas sneakers out there.


Written by Lawrence Gatchalian